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Much of your overall success as a real estate professional comes down to how well you climb the listing mountain — that metaphorical framework you need to navigate at your listing appointments.

In fact, here at Drive Performance we have never seen an agent or property manager out-perform their listing success! You see, in order to sell or lease a property, you need to be able to list it first — and before you list a property you need to enlist the owner.

You’ll need to climb the listing mountain when you meet your clients at the table and so here is the roadmap — and the checkpoints — you’ll need to meet along the way to ensure you conduct a successful appointment.

Picture the meeting table as the mountain.

At the top of the mountain awaits your ideal outcome: to list the property.

But along the way, to reach that outcome, you need to achieve the goal of enlisting your owners and getting them onside. Whether or not you achieve this goal comes down to how well you connect with these clients at the listing appointment and meet their three internal checks:

Do I know you?

Do I like you?

Do I trust you?

If they’re a repeat client, have been referred to you, or are someone you have already built a relationship with in the marketplace, chances are you will have already ticked off the first two criteria. But the listing appointment is your chance to help them build their trust and decide if you’re the right agent for them.

There are also three sales you need to make as you climb the listing mountain. You need to sell the client on:

You, as their real estate agent and property manager

Your agency

Your strategy to achieve the highest sale price or manage their asset.

Now for the checkpoints to ensure you are headed in the direction of meeting your goal and reaching your outcome at the top of the mountain:

  1. Connect with the client throughout the appointment and build positive rapport!
  2. Set an agenda.

What you’re hoping to achieve at the meeting? What are the key points you need to cover off?

  1. Positioning check

Gauge where you’re sitting in the client’s mind. Are they well informed about you and your agency and how you can help them achieve their goals or do you need to provide them with more insight?

  1. Explore

This is where you shift the focus from you — to the client and their needs.

Uncover what they’re looking for and what they want to achieve. Ask questions, tune in, pause and listen.

  1. Summary

“I now have a much better understanding of what you want to achieve from this move. Could I summarise that for you?”

Reaffirm their goals and price expectations. Give them a chance to confirm and clarify.

  1. Plan and strategy

During this part of the conversation, you will outline your plan, recommendations and strategy to achieve the highest sale price for them.

  1. Commitment

This is where you ask the client for their commitment to giving you the green light as their agent and to put this strategy into action.

If you address all of these points effectively, you will have to deal with less objections and obstacles as you make your way up the mountain and will be able to meet your goals — to enlist the client — and reach your ideal outcome of listing the property!

Have a conversation with your team about your listing mountain and how well you are currently navigating it during your listing appointments.

Which checkpoints do you to hone, or improve?

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