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The best and worst marketing in the world is done by word-of-mouth.


Because whether we have a good or bad experience with a product, person or service, we are eager to then go out and share it with others.

The thing is, past research has shown there’s a 3:1 ratio in how this information is shared. That means, if it’s positive, we’ll tell 10 people about it. But if it’s a negative experience, we will passionately share it with at least 30 others so it doesn’t happen to them too! It’s worth mentioning those statistics were pre-social media — so now you might as well multiply those numbers by hundreds!

When it comes to you and your team, if you have an unhappy client it is because there was an expectation they had of your agency that was not delivered. That’s why it’s important to aim to deliver beyond what they expect from listing with you.

We call it a +1 experience.

The ‘wow factor’.

To help with all of this, we have developed the Wow Ladder to help you ensure your clients get what they want — and more — from every phone call, face-to-face meeting, open home, lease signing and beyond.

Let’s look at the three rungs on the Wow Ladder, starting from the bottom.

  1. Basics

These are the basics requirements of a client, which quite simply get you into the game plan. The only time that delivering on the basics should give you an advantage is when your competitors aren’t.

The basics are incredibly important to have in play.

  1. Desires

Beyond the client’s basic expectations, there will be things that a property buyer desires from your organisation.

The thing is, you won’t always be able to deliver on their desires, because you simply may not have a property that meets their specific criteria or needs.

What you can do, is deliver on their experience.

  1. Surprises

A surprise is a positive experience or service your client was not expecting.

This is a deliver +1.

Here’s an example:

You tell a buyer over the phone you have three properties that could meet their needs and that you can arrange for them to inspect the homes over the next two days.

As soon as the phone call ends, the buyer immediately receives an email from you with a link to those three properties.

If you tell the client they’ll be receiving that very email — it’s no longer a surprise. It’s just a basic or a desire that you’ve honoured.

But if you don’t tell the client about something and then you deliver on it, it’s a deliver + 1 — it’s adding value.

We’re not suggesting you don’t tell your customer anything in order to surprise them, but think about every service experience and how you can deliver +1 and exceed beyond what a client expects from doing business with you.

Here’s a challenge: look at one different aspect of your business each week — such as the settlement process or open homes — and determine as a team what the basics, desires and surprise or deliver +1 would be for the client. Generally, a client will tell you what their basic requirements and desires are. But it’s up to you to determine and deliver on the surprise.

This process will help you continuously innovate, improve and look for smarter and more effective ways to deliver ‘wow’ to your clients.

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