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Cynthia Morton

Emotion Fitness in your business & life

Multi-national award winner in the emotional health and wellbeing sector for the past 23 years

Cynthia Morton is often described by her clients and audiences as a Wordsmith and a Hope Masseuse. For the past two decades her Emotional Fitness techniques have earned the Australia’s most coveted national awards (see above mentioned).

Cynthia’s Emotional Fitness approach focuses on the art of hearticulation to improve emotional resilience. When the four seasons of life become challenging her hearticulation techniques assist with addressing anger and emotional evolution as a result, weathering and growing through inevitable change, sitting with and honouring sadness and anxiety, and enhancing emotional resilience in relationships with ourselves and others.

Cynthia is not only a successful published Australian author of six books she also works nationally one on one with private clients as well as offering Emotional Fitness workshops and keynote addresses.
Testimonials on her work from media personalities include Deborah Hutton, Wayne Carey and Robin Bailey. Leading academics Professor John B. Saunders and Dr. Beres Wenck have been supporting her work for over two decades. Reviews on her onsite workshops with the Royal Brisbane Hospital Alcohol and Detox Unit, the Army, Air Force and Navy at the Australian Defence Force Soldier Recovery Centre and her work as an Ambassador for Relationships Australia are available to review on her website

What Client’s Say

“As a strong fit man, I once presented a physically powerful external shell but internally I was struggling.  In a nutshell, I was immature and emotionally unfit.  I’m grateful for Cynthia’s Emotional Fitness tips over the years, she has helped me to build the emotional muscle I needed to become a more emotionally accessible man and father.”
Wayne Carey “The King” of Australian football Newspaper columnist, TV and radio commentator

“Cynthia is a highly valued contributor to BalanceBDH and I have sat in the audience during our live events listening to Cynthia relive her story spellbound. She makes you laugh, makes you cry and importantly she makes you want to be a better person. I think of Cynthia as an earth mother, a maternal, nurturing soul who genuinely cares for people, no matter what their story holds. You rarely come across people like Cynthia, but it would be a far better world if we did.”
Deborah Hutton Media personality, founder and Publisher of Balance by Deborah Hutton

“Cynthia Morton is an extraordinary person.  I first met her nearly 20 years ago when I was a medical specialist and academic in Queensland.  She helps people reflect on how their experiences might have shaped them, and how their thoughts and actions have resulted in addictive disorders and dysfunctional relationships in their adult years.  I am certain those who read “The Four Seasons of the Heart” will experience the healing process which is so evident in Cynthia’s own life and in all that she has done.”
Professor John B Saunders, Professor and Consultant Physician in Internal Medicine and Addiction Medicine Sydney

“Cynthia is one of those women you want as your best friend…the chick who is in your corner telling you like it is.  I knew that she was a wise woman but never fully understood how wise until my life was thrown into chaos. So, I am thrilled to see that some of this wisdom and love is now in book form for everyone to gain from.  Whether you pick these books up and down at will or read cover to cover I am sure they will help change your perspective.”
Robin Bailey Television and Radio Presenter

Areas of Expertise

  • Conflict evolution techniques
  • Bolstering personal boundaries
  • Anxiety solutions
  • Healing truth aches
  • Expression dissolving depression
  • Embracing both ego and empathy
  • Surrendering Weapons of Mass Distraction
  • Rites of passage recovery
  • Rebooting relationships
  • Uncomplicating the Masculine & Feminine
  • Understanding The Language of the Heart
  • Mastering the art of Hearticulation