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Katharine Ettenhofer

Consultant + Trainer + Rent Roll Broker for Investment Management Teams & Businesses

Katharine is the director of RE Performance and has over 22 years’ experience within the Real Estate Industry specialising for the Investment management space.

Katharine has honed her skills to specifically support Property Management businesses and their teams (Investment Management Specialists).

Through the course of Katharine’s career she has owned and operated her own property investment business while also having held positions of Senior Influence over the course of her career.  One she is most proud of is supporting the

LJ Hooker Network back in 2009 where she was the National Investment Development Manager to which assisted teams in the field to drive success and growth.


Areas of Expertise

RE Performance supply a wide range of services to support teams & individuals across the country in the form of;

  • Mergers & Acquisitions
  • Preparation for Sale of a Real Estate Business
  • Broking Services
  • Purchaser Transition packages
  • Rent Roll Due Diligence services & reports

Investment Management Services

  • Strategic growth strategy work-shops
  • Leadership & Goal Setting work-shops
  • Goal achievement & blue print models to achieve success
  • Benchmarking & KPI’s
  • Customer Service Training