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Kylie Davis

Property data whisperer whose research and presentations help agents better understand their customers and themselves.

As the author of seven landmark reports into the real estate industry, she is a champion of lifting professional standards and is a dynamic and engaging presenter on topics including:

  • How agents are perceived by sellers, buyers, landlords and tenants and how to improve your referral business
  • How to embrace technological disruption and the future of real estate
  • Big data and innovation 101
  • How to use content marketing to build relationships and grow your business
  • Why real estate makes everyone crazy
  • Leadership in real estate – are you as good as you think?
  • Robots, real estate and the startups you need to know about now

Kylie’s 25 year career working in media at both News Corp and Fairfax – together with four years at CoreLogic – has provided her with a unique skillset to cut through the jargon and numbers and tell it like it is.

This is matched with a powerful and practical consultancy in content marketing to help agencies drive their digital and social media performance.

As a content marketing consultant, Kylie will help your agency:

  • Understand the power of content to build relationships with potential clients, and remain in connection with past clients.
  • Show you how to use content to build lead generation that really works
  • Provide recommendations on the types of content you need to create and how to do that consistently and affordably.
  • Work with your design team to create best practice downloadable reports, video and articles
  • Show you how to automate content.
  • Recommend suppliers and provide a rollout program – including hypercare – to ensure your new content strategy is successfully embedded into your business.

Kylie has an MBA from the University of NSW and is the author of Perceptions of Property Managers (2018), The Real State of Leadership (2017), Perceptions of Housing Affordability (2017), Buyer Perceptions of Real Estate (2016), The Future of Real Estate (2016) and Vendor Perceptions of Real Estate (2015).