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Patrick Hill

Using data, pyschology, prosess & technology for a winning strategy

Patrick Hill was one of the youngest CTO’s within Australian Corporate history at 28 years old heading up a large multi-national firm’s technology department as Chief Technology Officer. Patrick then went on to run his own successful consulting company called Strategic Operations as the Founding Partner and Principal Director and Consultant. Patrick worked with organisations such as Vodafone, JCurve and many others working with data, data sciences, analytics and people, process and technology amalgamation.

Patrick’s background in psychology has been instrumental to statistical analysis, behavioural assessment, and to successfully navigate the sensitivity of this position. Patrick then started Real Insights as the CEO he nurtured one of the leading data sciences and data analytics companies helping many organisations with the use of data within their organisations using the Real Insights SaaS platform. Patrick has since partnered with the Real Estate Institutes of Australia, the Professional Standards Council and many others to produce Realm Industry; an industry first search engine and news platform for Real Estate professionals. Patrick is a data scientist, technologist and futurist within the real estate industry working with leading organisations, brands, and training teams such as the RER Network.

Areas of Expertise

  • Growth through strategy
  • Local market analysis
  • Technology assessment
  • Operational productivity