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Shane Kempton

Performance & accountability coach

Shane Kempton has experienced life and business from many perspectives and at the highest level. From serving his country as a soldier working with the Australian SAS, business owner of Australia’s number 1 office, CEO of three national real estate groups and co-author of two books.

Coaching and mentoring a variety of people and companies from many industries, he understands that the principles of success, leadership and fulfillment are the same for individuals and teams alike.

These same success principles took his office to Number 1 in Australia, and OTOC Australia from $2mil to $50mil in four years.

As a professional speaker and workshop facilitator, his most sort after topics come from his high energy “The X Series”, which are based on his unique blend of experiences from military special forces and highly successful business ownership. All of these topics can be either a keynote and/or break out workshop, customised to meet your needs


Areas of Expertise

  • Performance and Accountability Coach.
  • Attracting and Retaining great people
  • Creating high-performance cultures
  • Future proofing your organisation through meaningful business
  • Strategic thinking and Business planning

TX – Team eXperience –putting the cult back into culture

Anything worthwhile is rarely ever done alone. Your vision as a leader is broadcasted and amplified through your people. Attracting, recruiting and retaining the best people can have the biggest impact on your success. It also can be your biggest challenge, often a daily one. How do we find these people? And when we do, how do we keep them? In this session you will discover the 5 desires that make people “tick” and 10 of the best strategies that compel them to “stick” around.

XX – eXecution eXperience –performing at your peak and getting stuff don’t

We are all going to arrive in the next day, week, month, quarter and year. You will either arrive by design or by no design. How we arrive is influenced on where our focus and attention is directed. Unless we are mindful of this, it can feel like we are just making up the numbers in someone else’s plan. It’s hard to reach your full potential when you feel like you are just spinning your wheels.  This session will reveal the five frames that assist you in getting stuff done, performing at your peak and living each day on purpose.

BX – Business eXperience –non -negotiable building blocks of success a business

With access to vast amounts of information, training and innovation, there never has been a better time than now to be in business. Yet we all know the stats around start-up businesses and the fact that only a small percentage of them survive.   What’s the difference between those that make it and those that don’t? In this keynote you will discover the power of a purposeful business, the 10 essential, non- negotiable building blocks of a successful business and the two skills that must be mastered and balanced to create super profits.

CX – Customer eXperience – the map that highlights your CX touch points

The promise is that when you get the customer experience right, everything else will fall into place. That’s great, but what does the customer experience even mean for your business, and where do you begin to deliver it? CX by design starts with knowing your customers journey with your brand, both before, during and after the sale. In this keynote, you will discover the framework required to map your customers’ journey and the eight key insights required for the optimal customer experience.

HX – Human eXperience – taking back control of your life

Often it can feel like we are becoming slaves to the very machines and technologies we created to make our lives easier and to give us back more time. We are innovating at the fastest rate in recorded history, yet finding fulfilment in everyday life seems to be coming harder. How do we find balance in this 24/7 world that is always on, that demands immediate responses and unrealistic deadlines for everyone else’s priorities? Discover the five pillars that give you clarity and gets you back in control, whilst creating a fulfilling human experience.


What Client’s Say

“Our relationship with Shane has been ongoing now for 5 years and his honesty, energy, enthusiasm, “can do” attitude, “nothing is ever a problem” attitude, awesome people and business skills and the list can go on, is second to none. I feel very positive and enthusiastic about the benefit we have received in this space of time and what we will continue to receive and achieve going forward with Shane. Please do not hesitate to contact me if you have any further queries.”

James Limnios, Limnios Property Group

“Having known Shane for over 20 years and have witnessed him excel at each level in business from Salesperson to Manager to Office Owner to CEO of several national companies. I recently invited him to provide a keynote talk and a life planning presentation for our real estate franchise group and our people were enormously impressed. More importantly they have now requested more opportunities to work with Shane to convert his plan for success and happiness into reality. We will be looking to further cement our relationship with Shane and I highly recommend his unique approach to anyone who is sincere about their own prosperity and that of their business.”

Geoff Baldwin, REMAX WA