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Stuart Atkins

One of Australia's leading technology, disruption & social marketing specialist

Stu is a leading keynote speaker, trainer and innovation leader in the property sector and is passionate about building real estate agent’s profiles online to stand out, win new listings and be seen as ‘best in town’ across all online platforms. 3 years ago, he co-founded Social Seedling to promote agent’s online profile across Social Media and use this presence as a powerful listing tool.

Stu has spent almost 4 years with has also worked for News Corp, News Digital Media, and has started and sold a successful online recruitment business.  As a keynote speaker, Stu has presented to over 20,000 business professionals in Australia and abroad.

It’s never been more difficult for real estate businesses to stand out and promote a real point of difference in a crowded market.  For many, social media is barely considered as a genuine platform to promote listings and engage with the local audience.  But done properly, Social marketing builds meaningful and lasting relationships with the most targeted and relevant audience you seek. It remains the most cost-effective method of communicating with prospective buyers and vendors to improve your online profile and ultimately win new listings.

Areas of Expertise

The Social Seedling strategy for social marketing consists of 9 key components which will be passed on to your business to implement for success.

REVIEW AND REBUILD: Complete review and redesign of Facebook and Instagram platforms to adhere to company brand and maximise visability of pages on Search Engines.

SCHEDULE CONTENT FOR MAXIMUM REACH AND ENGAGEMENT: Create a schedule of posting content on Facebook to adhere to Facebook’s algorithm and the needs of your audience – a well executed schedule results in far greater reach and engagement.  Facebook and Instagram always favour consistent, relevant and engaging content over those who simply post listings and links.

LINKEDIN counts:  How to create a compelling business profile – most searches on company name and / or individual agent name are highly ranked on Google – meaning your business page appears front and centre.  How it looks and how your agents appear can harm or help your listing efforts.

INSTAGRAM STRATEGY: The content for Instagram needs to be different to Facebook to cater for the sub 35 age, visually stimulated audience.

CREATIVE POSTS: We’ll show you how to create highly engaging posts on For Sale / For Lease / Sold / testimonial content for Social Media including creative, proportion of text.  Design software is simple to use and will follow your brand, colours, logo and font.

SPONSORED CONTENT:  When to boost, what to boost and why to boost.  Understanding the social media complexities will help you to tailor the right message to truly stand out.

COMMUNITY: What is your local voice?  Which organisations do you partner with (schools, charities etc), which café’s do you support, florists etc.  We’ll show you how to better engage with the community to further cement your business as the local agent of choice

TESTIMONIALS / Reviews:  How do you gather positive feedback?  Should it be on Facebook, Google, RatemyAgent etc, and how can you ensure that authentic feedback is seen by the masses, consistently.

REPORTING:  Understanding the analytics – using data to better understand outcomes makes for stronger future campaigns.

What Client’s Say

“Our team was first introduced to Stu Atkins and his team at Social Seedling through the Real Estate Results Network and we were instantly impressed with his knowledge of the social media space and the importance it plays in the real estate industry. Social Seedling have managed our social media accounts for the past 4 months and we have seen a dramatic increase in engagement as well as users interacting with our posts. We have found Stu and his team extremely professional, organised and always available and willing to assist our team. Thanks again for opening our eyes to the wonderful world of social media and allowing us to get our foot ahead of the rest of the competition.”

David Newton – Newton Real Estate, Caringbah, Sydney