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How to create 12 powerful habits in 12 months

How to create 12 powerful habits in 12 months

March 25th, 2019 Latest News

Many people believe that simple habits are difficult to form.

The truth is, good habits can actually be established with ease (and of course a little effort) — you just need to shift your mindset and believe it!

In this article we’re going to challenge and support you to create a new and empowering business habit each month for a year, but before we do, let’s look at the simple strategies behind effective habit creation.

Take driving a car as an example:

How many times have you driven from A to B and can barely remember how you got there? It’s because you’re driving out of habit — a habit you established based on a belief system that because there were so many other people who could already drive a car, you could drive one too.

The good news is, any success habit you require in Real Estate — or life for that matter — is nowhere near as difficult as driving a car! You just need to find some role models in the areas you want to improve, upgrade or enhance and believe that if it was possible for them to succeed, it’s possible for you to model their success habits too.

When it comes to successful habit creation, it’s important that once you have decided which practice or action you want to change, upgrade or put in place, you ask yourself, why?

Write down on a piece of paper all the benefits and reasons why you want to establish this new habit.

You see, there are going to be times when you will be tempted to stray from this new habit and so you will want a reminder of why you’re doing it in the first place. If the reason is big enough, you’ll stay in action.

The two phases of forming a new habit are formation and consolidation.

Let’s say the new habit you want to instil is Daily Planning — or in other words — putting a plan together at the end of each day to ensure tomorrow is productive.

To form the habit of Daily Planning, you need to practice Daily Planning with discipline everyday for 21 days. That’s how long it takes to form a habit. After 21 days in habit formation mode, you need to follow through and consolidate that habit for a further 28 days.

That’s right:  effective habit creation actually takes 49 days — seven weeks.

Now, for the challenge: at the start of a new month, you’re going to decide on which habit you’re going to create or change — and why. Don’t try to choose the biggest and toughest habit! Choose something simple that you know will still make a big difference.

You’re going to spend the next 21 days forming this first habit. The following month, you’ll begin consolidating that first habit for 28 days, while you start to form the second habit. Then, the month after that, you’ll be consolidating that second habit and forming a third one!

Just like driving that car from A to B, if you continue with this process of formation-consolidation-formation-consolidation, you will have developed 12 new and intrinsic habits and unlocked a whole new level of potential for yourself and your real estate business in the space of a year!  


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