EVENTS Principal Bootcamp, Sydney

Thursday 9 May - Wednesday 10 April 2019
There comes a time in every leader’s life where you must review what’s working, what isn’t and more importantly – how you can create your business to be more successful, enjoyable and impactful.

Principal BootCamp is your opportunity to do just that…

Principal BootCamp is 2 full days working with Michael Sheargold on your business –
in an environment with other motivated, switched on principals who are passionate about improving their business.

If you want your agency, your team and yourself to take massive leaps forward this year,
Principal BootCamp is your chance to gain the skills, motivation and strategies to take this leap.

As a graduate of Principal BootCamp you will be able to…

+ Effectively and confidently lead, motivate and recruit your best team!
+ Realign your focus on high value projects.
+ Transform your business from where it is now to where you want it to be.
+ Manage your time to best work for you and the results you wish to create.
+ Build a culture where “performance” is the norm!
+ Create a clear step-by-step path of how to move forward in your business.
+ Lead your team and agency through the new real estate market plus much more.

At Principal BootCamp you’ll be able to shine the light on performance areas of the business – these are areas that if you ignore or have a limited belief around, you won’t be able to move forward to build the agency you’re wanting to build.

When you step into a position of powerful leadership in your agency – you are setting the pace for your business.

If this is the year you want to grow into the best business possible then your leadership needs to be at its highest level!