Michael Sheargold - Real Estate Coach



A high-performance business support program for growing your Real Estate business faster and more profitably with the help of Michael Sheargold and other high-level real estate principals.

Running a real estate business can be a lonely place. Knowing the right next move and feeling supported on the journey is critical for long-term sustained success.

You’ll be working personally with Michael Sheargold to build your business performance to a whole new level.

If you’ve worked with Michael before, you know his passion for supporting switched on business leaders who want to achieve remarkable results in their marketplace. He’s responsible for helping clients creates millions of dollars in extra revenue.

The 3 key objectives the program are…

Build the
talent in your

Dramatically enhance
your business

Grow your
Returns and


Who it is for

    • Ambitious leaders – who want to dominate and grow their profits.
    • A good agency now – measured by awards, good KPI’s or what you have already implemented.
    • Sharer – must be willing to share ideas with others. No give, no get!
    • Implementer – must have a track record of implementation.
    • Good people who are up for growth and great to work with!


The format of the program is the ‘secret sauce’ that makes my BoardRoom program work so well. When we speak I’ll give you the exact format and we’ll see if it works for you. Rest assured the format is the right mix of face to face / online coaching, tools, networking and 1:1 support.

So over 12 months, the program will accelerate you into a stronger, more confident leader, an engaged team and better positioned to take advantage of market opportunities.

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