EVENTS Sales Bootcamp 2020

Monday, 18 May 2020 - Tuesday, 19 May 2020
Imagine standing out as the clear agent of choice in your area - enjoying your real estate career with more visibility, more opportunities and more sales than ever before!
If you’re a real estate professional committed to delivering exceptional results, then Sales BootCamp is designed for you! Here’s your chance to revolutionise your strategy so you can out-list and out-sell your competition.

A quick reality check to see if Sales BootCamp is right for you:

+ You’re clear you can achieve so much more than you’re currently doing
+ You want to break out as the agent of choice in your area
+ You’re keenly aware that you need to learn new skills for the new real estate market
+ You’re looking for the most effective strategies to grow your marketshare
+ You’re want better systems so you can leverage your business even more
+ You recognise you need a simple and focused plan you can implement

If any of these points above are you, then being part of Sales BootCamp in 2019 is an essential ingredient to your success.

Sales BootCamp has the power to help you achieve your goals.

At Sales BootCamp you’ll be personally coached by Michael Sheargold over 2 powerful results-producing days. You’ll be guided step-by-step through The Six Key Goals of Sales BootCamp as you work ON a new level of performance in your business.

The Six Key Goals of Sales BootCamp

#1: How to powerfully generate listing opportunities into your pipeline
#2: How to nurture those opportunities so they are ready to list
#3: How to differentiate and win the listing
#4: How to create powerful sell through of your listings
#5: How to build your profile and your network
#6: How to have fun and enjoy the ride!

Over two powerful days at Sales BootCamp Performance Coach, Michael Sheargold will guide you through strategies to help you win.

  • How to master your productivity so you are working smarter and increasing your time in front of potential clients

  • How to easily move through objections with your clients using simple, motivational and value based language

  • How to effectively frame questions to gain the best result for you

  • How to successfully create, nurture and maintain your business base (your database)

  • How to create rapid and positive rapport with potential buyers and sellers

  • How to become an area-specialist and what that means for your generating strategy

  • How to massively improve your phone success so you are increasing your conversion rate and listing more property

  • How to master your negotiation strategies so you’re a brilliant match maker and deal maker

  • How to manage your sellers and buyers successfully

  • How to position you and your agency in the best possible way to potential buyers and sellers

  • How to structure your campaign strategy meetings

  • How to successfully follow up potential sellers and buyers

  • How to host amazing open homes that you can build strong leads and relationships from

You’ll walk away from Sales BootCamp with a new level of motivation to implement like never before! You’ll have a toolkit of strategies that have the power to dramatically shift your results and change your life forever.

So if you’re ready for a new level of momentum in your business and want a massive competitive leap then Sales BootCamp is a brilliant investment to design your next big phase in growth.