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One of the biggest determining factors in your Real Estate success is the outcome of your listing appointments.

This meeting can be the clincher in terms of whether or not a vendor chooses you as their agent to market and sell their property — or your competitor.

Here at Drive Performance we believe there are seven simple steps to your listing success, and we’re going to share them with you right now!

  1. Your listing appointment starts on the phone

Many agents simply use this initial phone call for the purpose of confirming the time and details of the impending appointment — before hanging up. In reality, the quality of this first phone call with a client is critical.

In fact, we’ll even go as far as to say your listing appointment actually starts here because the more you know about a client, the more you can tailor your meeting in an effective way.

This phone call is a good opportunity to connect with your client, uncover their circumstances and expectations and start building the ‘I know you, I like you, I trust you’ relationship.

  1. Send out pre-appointment pack

During the initial phone call, offer to send out a pre-listing information pack.

“I’d love to send some information out to you prior to the meeting to set the scene and help us be more productive on the day. What’s the best address to send it to?”

This is a great opportunity to demonstrate your performance, professionalism and responsiveness so as soon as you put the phone down, get this information sent out to your client, pronto!

  1. Research and preparation

When it comes to what you need to know about the marketplace, don’t wing it at the listing appointment! Arrive prepared with all the knowledge and evidence you need to support your decision-making and recommendations.

  1. Phone and confirm

Always phone and reconfirm the meeting details in the lead up to the listing appointment.

“I am looking forward to our meeting this afternoon. I have just had a look at the property and I am really excited to have the opportunity to help you with your move!”

  1. The listing appointment

It’s show time. If you have performed the first four steps well, you’ll be in a really great position to be focused and in the zone for your client.

The listing appointment is where you want to ensure you have the most compelling case for the client to choose you.

  1. Thank you

Once you have secured your client’s business, how will you express your gratitude?

We encourage you to present a handwritten card, because so few people receive them these days!

“Thank you! I am looking forward to helping you achieve a great result for your property.”

  1. Follow up

Often, the client won’t be ready to list their property on the spot.

If you want to ensure you are the most-preferred agent at the listing appointment as well as in 15, 30 or 60 days time, you need to implement your pipeline strategy to ensure you play an effective follow up game.

Have a great conversation about how well you’re implementing each of those seven steps and where you might be able to tweak hone and improve to further enhance your listing success!

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