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Whether you’re working with a buyer or a seller, everything you do as a Real Estate Agent from an influencing point of view is about helping people make better decisions.

The thing is, in many situations, unless you ask a client to commit to a decision, they won’t. You see, they’re often looking for you to demonstrate your negotiation or commitment-gaining skills before they dive in.

Here are a few different strategies you can utilise to get your clients on side, win business and help them make better decisions:

  1. Restack the value

In a listing appointment for example, you would cover a lot of positive points about doing business with you. Restacking the value means circling back and highlighting those key points — the features, advantages and benefits — from your client’s point of view.

  1. Confirm fit.

Always Be Confirming (ABC).

“Do you agree?”

“Are we on the right track? Do you feel comfortable with this? Does this make sense to you?”

Confirming helps to build what we like to call, ‘Yes Momentum’, where your client has said yes to so many aspects that it only feels natural to them to say yes to getting started with you and committing to the next step.

  1. Conditional

Identify the conditions your client needs to meet in order for you to get started and help them achieve their goals.

“To get started, we will need a key for the property and identify the best times to open the home up for inspection.” 

“In order to put the property to market, we need to get started now.”

  1. Next step

Be clear that the next step in the process is for them to appoint you as their agent.

“The next step in the process is for you to give us the green light today so that we can go ahead and make all of these things happen.”

“As soon as you appoint me as your agent, I’ll be able to phone five potential buyers that I believe this property would suit. Let’s go ahead and make this happen, shall we?”

  1. Direct

Another strategy is to simply be direct.

“Are you ready to put me to work?”

“Do you believe I am capable of achieving a great result for you?”

Do you feel confident with the strategy I have taken you through?

“Yes? OK great, let’s go ahead and make it happen!”

  1. Assumptive

Using this language shows the client you confidently assume you will be working together.

“I am really looking forward to working with you on the sale of your property!”

“I am excited to bring buyers through to look at your property.”

On a final note, keep the Rule of Threes in mind when it comes to helping your client to commit — or say yes.

You see, it is normal for someone to say “no” up to three times before they say “yes”.

This means that you can improve your success rate simply by asking for a commitment another two more times.

We suggest that if you hear “no” the first time, you assume that what they really mean is they don’t know enough information. This might then be an opportunity for you to share another case study and then ask them:

“Does that give you more of an insight into how we will operate? Let’s go ahead and make that happen then, shall we?”

Work with your team to hone, develop and implement the above strategies — individually or collectively — to help you gain your client’s commitment to working with you!

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