EVENTS SuperTeams 2020

Due to the recent COVID-19 outbreak and inline with Government recommendations we have rescheduled our events program to the latter half of the year. We have also created some highly effective and useful online seminars, one on one coaching and online tools that will enable you to best navigate the current market.

Please contact our team for further information on 1300 273 785

SuperTeams is one day with one goal: to help you be the best at creating, building and nurturing a high performance team dedicated to success in your marketplace.

“No one can whistle a symphony. It takes a whole orchestra to play it.” – H Luccock

Facilitated by Michael Sheargold, SuperTeams is a powerful one day workshop that will get SuperTeams functioning at the highest possible level. Michael will draw on his well-honed knowledge and proven strategies to help you create, build and nurture a high performance team dedicated to success in your marketplace.

SuperTeams is the ultimate preparation for anyone wanting to:

  • Expand their team
  • Grow your results with an existing SuperTeam or;
  • Exponentially improve client experience and service.

Walk away from SuperTeams with: 

  • Proven ideas on how to grow your market potential
  • An understanding of key systems and standards you need for success
  • Recruitment, induction and remuneration strategies
  • Improved goal setting capabilities
  • Strategies to improve client serviceability and experience
  • Understanding the 5 C’s of a SuperTeam for success. Plus much more!

If you are wanting to fast-track your development and make 2020 your year for growth then SuperTeams is for you.