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How is it that 10 per cent of agents are riding the vast majority of business across the property market?

What is it they are doing to make the biggest difference?

In the Real Estate coaching work we have done over the past two decades, we have identified the 10 key success qualities these agents hold, and we’re going to share them with you right now!

We encourage you to consider these traits and ask yourself how well you are delivering in the same areas. You may tick some of the boxes and feel strong in some areas, while in others, you’ll find the opportunity to upgrade and improve your performance.

  1. Winning attitude

A positive, motivating, can-do attitude — the kind that gets out there and makes things happen.

What is your attitude like?

  1. Client focused

This means being focused on delivering the result to the client. The fastest way to get what you want in this business is by helping your client get what they want. When the seller wins, the buyer wins and then you win.

Being client focused is tuning into their needs.

What can you help them with? How can you deliver them a great service? How can you help them achieve their goals?

How client focused are you?

  1. Organised and follow-through

Your level of organisation skills has a huge impact because you may be a great communicator, but if you’re not following through on the commitments you make, it will get in the way of how people perceive you.

How organised are you? Are you taking the right action, at the right time, to produce the right results?

  1. Level of passion

Be passionate about helping people achieve their goals. Be passionate about this business called property!

Are you passionate enough to explore your client and their circumstances even further?

  1. Highly confident

A lack of faith in a particular client or property will be guaranteed to have a knock-on effect on the result of the deal.

Play the confidence game and anticipate that you will have a great open house, auction or negotiation.

Your confidence will also be driven by your level of knowledge in certain areas.

Which areas of knowledge you would like to further expand in order to become more confident speaking to buyers, sellers, landlords and tenants?

  1. High standards

The best agents in the business operate with incredibly high standards of excellence — whether it’s in their open homes, buyer follow up or communication with landlords, tenants and vendors.

As a team, consider where your standards are when it comes to buyer, seller or property management.

  1. High energy

Energy is the number one thing people will buy from you.

What is your energy like on a phone call or face-to-face conversation? How enthusiastic are you?

  1. Great communicator

A great communicator does not just liaise in one particular way. We need to tune in and adapt our communication for each client. Different strokes for different folks!

How much work have you done on improving your communication skills?

  1. Outcome and deal focused

Many people believe negotiation starts when someone finally puts their hand says, “Hey, I want to buy this property.”

But really, the best in the business understand the deal begins…right now!

Do you believe you are outcome and deal-focused, enough?

  1. Willingness to learn

You should always be aiming to improve and advance.

Whether you win or lose at a listing appointment, you should try to learn from the experience.

If you have a win, pay attention to what you did well and what worked. If you have a loss, think about what you could do differently and where you could improve your skills.

These 10 success qualities are important to have in your toolkit. We guarantee the more you improve them, the more you will become the agent people are drawn to in the marketplace!


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