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Your influence is one of the greatest components of your success in real estate. In fact, you can’t max out on influencing — it’s something you should constantly be working to hone and develop.

You see at its core, influencing is about helping people make better decisions.

Here are seven essentials you need when it comes to effectively influencing your clients — whether it’s to appoint you as their agent or reach their property goals and beyond.

  1. Belief transfer

When you’re dealing with a client, the number one thing you will do is communicate — and then transfer — to them your own beliefs.

That could be your belief in yourself as their Real Estate Agent or Property manager or the potential of a property.

  1. Positive rapport

You might have the best offers, suggestions or strategies but if you do not have a positive rapport with your buyer or seller— if you are not reducing the differences and increasing the similarities between you and them — they will be received through a filter of doubt.

When you’re communicating with a client, they’ll be doing the following internal check:

Do I know you?

Do I like you?

Do I trust you?

The higher your level of rapport is, the more likely you are to successfully transfer your beliefs.

  1. Value

The reason why buyers purchase or sell a home is because of perceived value.

A buyer will see the home they want to purchase more valuable to their needs than the cash they have in their hand. So they’ll buy the property.

A vendor will sell a property because they prefer to use the cash for something more valuable to them.

How will you increase and demonstrate that value (we call it value-stacking) for them?

  1. The law of reciprocity

What you put out there, you get back.

If you want something from someone, you need to put that exact positive energy into the communication, first.

At an open home for example, rather than asking and taking something from a potential buyer straight away, give someone the brochure first. Then, you’re more likely to get something from them in return.

  1. The law of frequency

Frequency builds trust.

The greater the frequency of communication we have in our client relationships, the greater the level of trust they have in us as their Real Estate Agent or Property Manager.

As we mentioned in point three, you do need to ensure there is value delivered in those communications — otherwise that frequency just becomes pestering.

  1. What’s in it for me?


It’s what your client is always wondering: what’s in it for me?

You constantly need to be tuned into that fact — before you broadcast.

Always be aware of your language and how you are going to communicate and deliver that value to your client.

  1. Three sales

You need to sell your client on three things:


Your agency.

Your strategy.

When you can clearly communicate these advantages, your client will be able to see how you are going to help them achieve the best result possible — whether they’re buying, selling, leasing or renting a property.

If you bring all seven of these areas into play with every person you influence in business — and life — you will be able to take yourself to a higher level of success.

How can you apply each of these influencing essentials to your particular marketplace?

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