EVENTS The Business of Real Estate, Gold Coast

Monday 9 September - Wednesday 11 September 2019
The NEW Business of Real Estate is here… designed with today’s real estate leader in mind

Join us at The Business of Real Estate and experience the information, direction and inspiration you need – straight from the industry leaders who are making huge waves.  You’ll walk away with real clarity on your long term goals and how you’re going to make it happen.

At The Business of Real Estate you will experience:

+ 19 content-rich, never-seen-before sessions packed with business-changing strategies.
+ I
ndustry heavyweights sharing their thoughts on what you need to focus on NOW to future-proof and build your business.
+ High-quality networking and connecting with some of the most successful leaders in the country.
+ Progressive strategies that will make you THINK BIG. If you’re ready take your agency to the top of your market these 2 days will be incredibly beneficial!
+ An amazing location to experience. The QT Hotel on The Gold Coast – so you can thaw out after winter!
+ Two days out of your usual routine and business to focus on long-term strategy (when was the last time this happened?)
+ BONUS: half day session for Independent Principals only.

This year’s speakers include:

Christine Krenos and Kevin Patsel from Compass 
“The Winning Strategies Behind Compass, the Fastest Growing Real Estate Business in the US”

Wayne Pearce, OAM
“Recruiting, Coaching and Leading a Super High Performance Team in Challenging Markets”

Emma Price from Aesop 
“Your Brand, Your Voice, your Impact”

Manos Findikakis from Eview 
“Thinking Outside the Box – Building a Business Worth Owning”

Michael Sheargold from Real Estate Results Network+ DRIVE
“Your Leadership and How to Take it to a New Level”

Chris Mercer from Live Real Estate Accounts
“The Common Practises of Businesses with Margins over 25 per cent”

Sadhana Smiles from Harcourts 
“Property Management Unfiltered”

Steve Carroll from REA Group 
“Creating an Enduring Brand – The Role of Real Estate in your Community”

Byron Kerr from O’Brien Real Estate
“It’s all about Focus – on Culture, Systems, the Customer and Margins”

Cathie Crampton from Place
“Double your PM Margins in 6 Months”

Jet Xavier – Coach
“The New Performance Metric – Wellness and Wellbeing”

Dom Thompson from Macquarie Bank 
“Future-Proofing your Business – What you Need to Do Now”

Ewan Morton from Morton 
“Building a Large, Profitable and Enduring Company”

Barney McGrath from McGrath Consulting
* Day 3 “Independents with Edge” session only 

John Percudani from Realmark
“Agility and Adaptability – the Key to a Sustainable Business”

Patrick Hill and Sarah Bell from Real Insights
“The Strategic Adoption of Ai and Emergent Technologies”

Scott Harman from The Auction Machine
“How to Lead in Challenging Markets”

Dick Karlsson from Diakrit 
“Becoming the best in digital marketing to shape the success of your business.”

The intensive program is designed to have you walk away with key insights, knowledge and strategies at the forefront of our industry.
Learn from the best on what they do each day to achieve amazing results and see what is coming next for our industry.

If you want to be leading the pack and you are planning on market domination for years to come – you need to be at The Business of Real Estate! 


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