The Faculty

As the world of real estate changes, the race is on to find the right models, technology, team structure, marketing strategies etc to keep up and excel. It’s hard to be an expert at everything when you are focussed on the running the day to day business. Sometimes you just need to bring in the expertise to help you navigate particular areas that need focus.

We’ve found some of the best real estate experts in the country and brought them together to form the Drive Faculty.

The Faculty allows you to bring in an independent expert whenever you need them. Whether it’s property management, growth, managing data, branding or coaching the sales team, our Faculty can deliver what you need.

We’ve come up with several packages to suit your needs and budget. Scroll through and see more details on these industry thought-leaders, their areas of expertise and enquire now via the buttons below to see one of these experts in your office, working with your team.