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When it comes to the successful sale of a property, your ultimate goal as a Real Estate Agent is to not only ensure you achieve a maximum sale price after minimal days on the market— you want to have both the seller and buyer satisfied at the end of the process, too.

So how do you ensure value has been added to the owner through the sale of their property as well as the buyer with a property that suits their needs from either a wealth creation or lifestyle point of view?

Here at Drive Performance, we believe there are seven simple steps to achieving sales success.

Here they are!

  1. Seller management

Effective seller management comes down to the quality of the communication you have with your owners throughout the marketing of the property.

An owner should never be left wondering or need to phone you for an update.

No news is not good news — continue to communicate with your owner so they can make an informed commercial decision about their property.

  1. Buyer enquiry

Did you know two in 10 buyers become potential pipeline sellers?

It’s true. This means that delivering an engaged and responsive service to anyone who enquires about the property can have a big impact on how you are perceived in the marketplace, and in turn, your future selling opportunities.

That’s why you need to assume that every enquirer could be the potential buyer.

With each enquiry — whether it’s at an open house, during a follow up or via email — attend to that person’s buying needs first and identify the selling opportunity, second.

It’s also important to ensure you start the negotiation or deal-making process early on by letting them know what is great about that property.

  1. Outstanding opens

It’s show time!

Open homes are a public showing of the property and how great you are as a Real Estate Agent. This means you need to make sure your preparation is on point and that your event stands out in the marketplace.

  1. Open For Inspection (OFI) Follow up

Attentive OFI follow up will ensure you not only deliver a great service to the vendor and buyer, but position yourself as the preferred real estate agent in your marketplace.

Your goals for OFI follow up are to:

  • Identify hot buyers for this particular property
  • Direct potential buyers to other available properties
  • Identify opportunities for you to sell property as a back-end function.
  1. Buyer Management

Good buyer management will keep interested people engaged in the property or allow you to ‘direct traffic’ to another listed property that suits their needs.

Ideally, you’ll have a large pool of buyers and so you will want to ensure you’re educating and communicating effectively with them in order to bring to the surface the ‘hot buyers’ who will make a massive difference to your overall marketplace.

  1. Understanding motivation

Motivation comes before negotiation!

Get clear on the motivation of the seller. What is the goal of their sale?

Understand the motivation of the buyer, too. What is it about this property that interests them? Does it meet their ideals?

The more you can play the matchmaking game, the better your results.

  1. Professional negotiation

Perhaps the most important step of all, executing a professional negotiation strategy will result in a win-win-win for the seller, buyer and you.


Now that you know the seven keys to your real estate sales success, have a conversation with your team to identify you need to hone and improve!

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