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When you hold a property listing appointment, you have the choice to either make a lot of statements to your client — or ask a lot of questions.

Here at Drive Performance, we strongly recommend you move towards a question-based presentation style listing appointment.

You see, in our past Listing Critiques where we have observed Real Estate Professionals holding a listing appointment, we have found that they are often so focused on asking their next question they fail to really tune in and hear what the client is saying. The thing is, based on what it is that the client is sharing, the next question usually becomes obvious!

In this insight, we are going to share some topics you should explore and a few examples of relevant questions you can ask in order to help you step into your client’s shoes and get a good understanding of what they are looking for — before you present your plan, strategy and recommendations.


  1. People and situation

What question could you ask to get to know your client and their circumstances on a deeper level?

You could start with: “Tell me a little more about yourself. Could you explain your situation in a little more detail?”

  1. Motivation

“What is your main motivation or reason for selling?”

  1. Where to next

“What is your plan from here?”

  1. Ideal timeframe

“What is the ideal timeframe to get your property sold?”

“What is the ideal timeframe to be moved out?”

“What is the ideal timeframe for the money to be transferred into your bank account so you can achieve your goals?”

  1. Real Estate experience

“Have you bought or sold recently? What was that experience like?”

“What has been your best and worse real estate experience?”

  1. Marketing process

Instead of telling your client they need to, for example, auction their property— it’s wise to first ask them if they have any particular preferences or concerns around the method of sale.

“In terms of taking your property to market, have you had any thoughts around how you would like to see it marketed?”

If they have any objections to a particular method, you may then have the opportunity to turn them around.

  1. Agent criteria

“What are you looking for from me as your agent?”

“What are your expectations of me during the marketing and sale of your property?”

  1. Property features

“When you bought the property, what really stood out to you?

“Have you made any upgrades to the property that you believe we need to feature from a marketing point of view?”

Remember: if your question is not answered the first time, you can continue to ask and explore a little further until you uncover the information you require. 

If you are able to extract all of this information at each listing appointment, you will be far better able to present your strategy and dovetail it into what the client is looking for. It will also allow you to handle any client objections, concerns or issues proactively — not reactively.

How do you stack up when it comes to taking a question-based approach to your listing appointments? Do you need to hone your skills in this area? Enjoy having this discussion with your team!

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